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Internet Performance For Dummies, Dyn Special Edition 44 These materials are © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Maximize Asset Utilization Today's challenging business climate and tight capital and operating budgets require IT managers to maximize the value of every IT investment. Internet Performance tools enable IT managers to optimize and plan their network capacity needs and infrastructure requirements, thereby ensuring you don't purchase additional capacity or infrastructure too early — or too late. Increase Revenues In much the same way that traditional brick‐and‐mortar stores measure the throughput of their point‐of‐sale (POS) and credit card processing systems, online businesses and e‐commerce retailers must constantly measure Internet Performance. Poorly performing websites and outages mean lost revenues and brand damage. Conversely, a well‐designed and high‐ performing website can drive additional revenues. Particularly, for mobile shoppers, speed is the name of the game. Focus on Core Competencies DNS is a basic service that is critical your business, and to ensuring a positive end‐user experience, but many IT orga- nizations take DNS for granted. However, DNS servers are often vulnerable to attack and prone to configuration errors. Managed DNS takes this basic, but critical function, off IT's plate so it can focus on other value‐added services for the business. Likewise, cloud‐based services can transform the delivery of IT services and enable business agility. The role of IT then becomes that of a service broker, which gives more time back to IT to work on other core IT projects and services.

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