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Internet Performance For Dummies, Dyn Special Edition 2 These materials are © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Lastly, I assume that you believe the Internet is best‐effort and can't actually be optimized for your business. After you read this guide, you will understand that there are many things you can do to make the Internet work for you. If you want the Internet to be your competitive edge, then this is the book for you! Icons Used in This Book Throughout this book, I occasionally use special icons to call attention to important information. Here's what you can expect: This icon points out information that may well be worth com- mitting to your nonvolatile memory, your gray matter, or your noggin — along with anniversaries and birthdays! You won't find a map of the human genome here, but if you seek to attain the seventh level of NERD‐vana, perk up! This icon explains the jargon beneath the jargon! Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the book, please take care of your writers! Seriously, this icon points out helpful suggestions and useful nuggets of information. These helpful alerts offer practical advice to help you avoid making potentially costly mistakes. Beyond the Book Although this book is chock full of information, there's only so much I can cover in 48 short pages! So, if you find yourself at the end of this book, thinking "Gosh, this was an amazing book, where can I learn more about Internet Performance?" simply go to www.dyn.com.

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