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Dyn taking a DNS-­centric approach to cloud­-deployed network services

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6/3/2015 1/3 Impact Report Dyn taking a DNScentric approach to clouddeployed network services Analyst: Christian Renaud Peter Christy 1 Jun, 2015 Dyn is best known as a provider of consumer and enterprise managed DNS services. Building on its installed base and nine acquisitions, the company is now eyeing the clouddelivered services market with its combination of DNS expertise and monitoring network of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) performance acquired from Renesys. The next step will be key if Dyn chooses to enter the services market directly, acts as an arms dealer to many combatants or is acquired by a larger company that recognizes the value of its DNS assets. The 451 Take Dyn is in a key position in the growing clouddelivered network services market with its DNS services, geographically distributed datacenters and valueadded analytics, and has the luxury of experimenting with different gotomarket strategies using its consumer and enterprise managed DNS business as 'milk money.' The company is a natural complement to cloudbased L47 services from other vendors and a natural partner given the maturity and ubiquity of its traffic management platform. Dyn provides value in multiple markets (application performance management [APM], distributed denial of service [DDOS] protection, Web performance monitoring) and will need to develop a unique message and value proposition in order to remain relevant against much larger, focused competitors in each category. Context DNS (Domain Name Services) is the longstanding distributed Internet service that (nominally) maps symbolic resource names into the IP numbers used as network addresses. For the last 15 years, DNS has been cleverly exploited for all sort of network optimization (DNS is at the heart to how Akamai and others optimize content delivery). Over the same time, DNS has been exploited as a means of attack, either as a means of service denial or more insidiously, as a way of creating incorrect DNS mappings (e.g., sending a user to a malicious site instead of the desired site). The last five years has seen the rapid adoption of clouddelivered network services, ranging from WAN optimization, load balancing and application delivery, and DDOS mitigation. These services and others depend heavily on a solid and reliable DNS foundation to operate from, with DNS manipulation playing a key role in cloudbased antiDDOS specifically. Dyn grew over the last decade from providing reliable DNS services to consumers and enterprises to incorporating Internet performance and connectivity metrics for a form of performancebased routing. A series of acquisitions, most recently Internet performance monitoring firm Renesys in May 2014, bolstered Dyn's technology and team in this area specifically, which the company terms 'Internet Intelligence.' The growing number of vendors of softwaredefined WAN overlay networks each employ their own proprietary method of doing route optimization. AntiDDOS products such as F5's Silverline use a combination of functions including BGP and DNS to force the attack away from the local enterprise and to cloudbased services. Load balancers and their more sophisticated siblings application delivery controllers (ADCs) frequently use DNS queries in tandem with other technologies to load balance sessions geographically to achieve higher performance. Dyn sits below these applications, managing and monitoring the DNS system for both performance and security. The combination of homegrown and Renesysacquired BGP and traceroute metrics throughout the Internet provides near realtime performance monitoring between Internet links, which in turn enables new startups (or existing combatants that see rising costs of deploying parallel infrastructure) a foundation to develop overlay virtual

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