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Dyn's Internet Performance Portfolio Offers Improved Visibility, Traffic Management, and User Experience

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©2015 IDC #US40584215 2 It uses a global network of real-time network sensors to monitor and measure Internet traffic based on tens of millions of IP addresses providing geolocation data, along with clusters of software agents at some of the world's largest infrastructure providers. This results in billions of daily, real-time performance and availability data points that can be used to find optimum paths along the Internet and detect slowdowns and blockages that might degrade both the speed and the reliability of Web site responses and transactions. Started in 2001 to focus on dynamic DNS and remote access for homes and small businesses, Dyn, based in Manchester, New Hampshire, has since developed strong adjacent offerings in Internet performance management. Dyn's "as a service" offerings within these areas provide an alternative to on-premise appliances. Dyn has a broad customer base with enterprise, midmarket, and SMB customers and partners/resellers across a variety of categories including advertising technology, consumer Internet, media and entertainment, retail, service providers, software, and travel/hospitality. Customers include Adcash, RichRelevance, BT, CNBC, Etsy, Hershey's, HotelPlanner, Red Hat, Seeking Alpha, Twitter, Telenor, UPS, and Zillow. Dyn became a premium domain registrar in 2004 and added enterprise managed DNS and advanced traffic management services in 2007 and email delivery services in late 2010. With the May 2014 acquisition of Renesys, Dyn beefed up its Internet performance monitoring and analysis services. Dyn raised $38 million in its initial round of venture funding in 2012 from North Bridge and has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43% since 2010. IDC estimates privately held Dyn's revenue was $64.1 million in 2014 — all SaaS. Dyn has more than 3,500 enterprise customers, approximately 1 million self-service customers, and over 400 employees worldwide, with regional offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. The acquisition of Renesys provided Internet performance monitoring and analysis offerings, a deep data science competency, and an expanded global sensor network. The new platform incorporating Renesys capabilities, Internet Intelligence, is focused at a much more technical and in-depth level than what Dyn was previously able to deliver. With a three-pronged approach to Internet intelligence — monitoring, analyzing, and planning — Dyn has created a more comprehensive Internet performance suite. This not only helped Dyn meet the growing demand for end-to-end network visibility but allowed the company to provide actionable intelligence and analysis and be more proactive with its traffic monitoring. Insights from Internet Intelligence allow customers to make decisions based on changing traffic patterns, such as moving traffic to another node and location or even switching datacenter or cloud providers. IDC identifies Dyn as a participant in the as-a-service portion of the system infrastructure software (SIS) submarket — the second-largest cloud primary market after applications. SIS capabilities delivered as a service is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19% through 2018, nearly five times the forecast growth rate for the noncloud SIS market. Company Strategy Go-to-Market Model Dyn goes to market with multiple sales models. About 70% of its sales are direct and partner sales (direct sales plus OEM deals), while 30% is from self-serve. It has a strategic sales team targeting high-traffic-volume organizations, Fortune 1000, and Global 2000 accounts. It also targets any enterprise heavily dependent on Internet traffic. For example, Telenor, a multicontinent mobile services provider based in Norway, uses Dyn's managed DNS and Internet traffic management services to meet reliability, usability, and performance goals for its content delivery network rather than buying additional servers and load-balancing software and hardware.

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