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If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Business

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If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Business Kyle York October 14, 2015 Back in 2011, when our tagline was still "Uptime is the Bottom Line," I posted a piece on Dyn's blog asking "Where is the Enterprise DNS Gartner Magic Quadrant?" Well, it's been four years, and we've changed the tagline twice. A lot has changed in the Managed DNS (Domain Name System) space and our overall solutionoriented Internet Performance positioning has upleveled, but it looks like these research firms are starting to recognize and write about how important and missioncritical this foundational and critical Internet protocol is. Enterprises are taking notice in this DNS evolution, with its enhanced productization, and how with its traffic shaping capabilities it can now provide a robust ability to monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure. Gartner includes Dyn in it's hot 'Next Generation Infrastructure Tools' category. Analyst Bob Gill, a research director at Gartner, recently published a specific piece describing just how critical it is to have good external DNS services. Aptly titled "If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Digital Business," Bob opens with the very basics of the DNS story and its types. What is DNS? Authoritative DNS? External DNS? Where are companies open to threats? Why is DNS so important? This piece is a great way to continue educating enterprises about this crucial, yet often overlooked, part of their infrastructure, and paves the way to start looking at some of the deeper opportunities associated with DNS. Complete DNS failure leads to the disappearance of all externallyfacing web resources. Visit from the fail whale? Check. Broken IoT? Confirmed. Part of the reason DNS is so critical is that every single thing that connects to the Internet uses DNS

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