Optimizing Cloud Migration: Performance Lessons for the Enterprise

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• Investigate the physical location and the connectivity supplied • Define the exact hardware and configuration and apply bespoke optimizations if required • Apply your own monitoring and negotiate access to the core infrastructure monitoring from the data center On top of all this, you can speak to the people responsible. In the cloud, you give up control over many of these elements. You select from a range of offerings that are predefined and build your systems on top of them. The servers become throwaway; if there are any problems or if your requirements change, they are destroyed and new ones created. To those with an on-premise mindset, this can seem very limiting. However, when exercised to full advantage, the cloud can be incredibly powerful and liberating. Flawed Thinking: The Cloud Is Not Just Another Data Center As flawed as it is to view the cloud as just another data center, con‐ versely, it is just as wrong to start thinking of cloud providers as being something more than data centers. While the way cloud providers run their operations and the nature of the services they provide are very different from a traditional data center, it is important to remember that ultimately, they are just data centers. When you drill down to the core, they are simply buildings full of racks and servers with connectivity to the Internet. They face exactly the same challenges as those faced by traditional data cen‐ ters. When considering Internet performance, this is an essential point to remember. Cloud providers connect to the Internet in just the same manner as any other provider. Also, like any other provider, the nature of that connectivity is driven by many factors, including practical, economic, and political ones, as well as performance. The varying levels of importance given to these considerations are of course a business decision. Currently, Internet performance is not something that cloud provid‐ ers use as a selling point; they typically sell more on price and func‐ 8 | Phase 1: Preparing for Your Journey to the Cloud

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