Optimizing Cloud Migration: Performance Lessons for the Enterprise

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formed orders? Is the business affected by poor sales, increased complaints, or migration to competitors? Does poor performance result in other systems within the orga‐ nization experiencing issues? For example, does your sys‐ tem running slowly impact the ability of the warehousing system to correctly process orders? Understanding the impact allows the creation of a risk-based assessment of the importance of performance on all areas of the system. Stage 3: Understand the characteristics of the end users It is essential when migrating a system to the cloud that you understand the system's end users. Very important when con‐ sidering Internet performance is the users' geographic location, but it is also important to understand: • The type of people they are (as this reflects their tolerance for poor performance). For example, tech-savvy customers who have the opportunity to buy the same product else‐ where will likely be intolerant of poor performance. On the other hand, users of an internal system for non-urgent busi‐ ness tasks will tend to be much more tolerant of poor per‐ formance. • The types of system and connectivity they will be using (e.g., desktop or mobile). Mobile performance is impacted by a much wider set of issues than just the server perfor‐ mance (e.g., network latency, poor connectivity, or device performance). It is important that you understand the vary‐ ing impact of your performance on these types of users as opposed to high-speed broadband desktop users if they make up a significant element of your users. Also remember that end users may actually be other systems (your own or third parties) that your system under migration interacts with. Stage 4: Dene acceptance criteria/KPIs for performance Completing this analysis allows the creation of acceptance KPIs that can be used as the basis of proof-of-concept tests when 14 | Phase 2: Beginning Your Journey to the Cloud

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