Optimizing Cloud Migration: Performance Lessons for the Enterprise

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Conclusion The journey to the cloud is not an easy one, but if done well, it can have many benefits. However, without the correct precautions and visibility, you can easily end up with suboptimal Internet perfor‐ mance or infrastructure spend. To maximize the Internet performance of your cloud-based systems, it is essential that the following elements be considered: • Understand the nature of the cloud and how it differs from tra‐ ditional data centers, and also how the two are similar • Start small and gradually migrate systems • Complete extensive testing, including for performance on live- like systems, then continue that testing after systems move into production • Build a comprehensive end-to-end monitoring system, includ‐ ing an element of IPM (Internet Performance Management) • Understand the nature of your users and their performance expectations • Only scale when the cost/performance ratio meets your busi‐ ness objectives • Build system mitigations for poor performance into your sys‐ tems • Consider using a multiple-cloud solution to optimize Internet performance 29

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