Optimizing Cloud Migration: Performance Lessons for the Enterprise

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Optimizing Cloud Migration Introducing the Trend: the Move to the Cloud Cloud services are redefining how many businesses are building and hosting their applications. Flexibility, scalability, cost reduction, and reduced overheads are just some of the reasons why the case for moving to the cloud is compelling to many businesses. This is a very real trend, with a 2015 survey reporting that 72% of executives sta‐ ted that the cloud was essential to their strategy, and 90% of busi‐ nesses reported using the cloud in some capacity. This move is also accompanied by a move away from server-based solutions to a world of Software as a Service-based solutions—with modern applications increasingly moving toward being jigsaw puz‐ zles built from many different building blocks. Load balancing, file storage, databases, search, caching, authentication, data warehous‐ ing, microservices, APIs, media streaming, data processing, job queuing, and workflow are just some of the services available to build cloud-based applications. True cloud applications are funda‐ mentally different from traditional hosted applications, not just in how they are hosted, but in the nature of how they go about solving problems to deliver resilient and flexible solutions. The promise of the cloud, therefore, is to enable you to build a sys‐ tem with levels of performance and availability that wouldn't have been available to you when building an on-premise solution (at least without an investment of time and money that is beyond the scope of most companies). There are many challenges to achieving this, both practical and technological, but one area that is often over‐ looked is that of Internet performance. 1

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