The Internet at Scale: A Platform for Digital Transformation

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The internet today is incredibly complex. The number of people, devices, and connections is skyrocketing. And thanks to rapid globalization, a simple web site now connects a company to virtually anyone around the world. To turn these factors into opportunities, many enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation. Embracing the cloud is a key to any digital transformation initiative. While migrating to the cloud has many advantages, it also creates new complexities. Most stem from the unknown aspects of your infrastructure: unforeseen performance issues, transit outages, and security breaches. It's just as critical to solve for these unknown concerns as it is to address the issues you can freely see. But focusing solely on optimizing the areas you know means you're only able to solve some of your problems. This disconnect makes it difficult to identify issues happening across the internet. It can mean insufficient resilience and security, which could lead to your system being unavailable for long periods of time, impacting revenue, reputation, and productivity. And it can lead to sub-optimal resource optimization, causing you to over pay for cloud services—or even fail to effectively deploy them. In the end, these factors create a lack of accountability when it comes to ensuring performance and the true value you give to your customers. By focusing only on your existing assets, you're missing the big picture of the internet in relation to your infrastructure, as well as a huge opportunity to take advantage of the new users coming online in the next few years. YOUR WORLD IS CHANGING 3

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