Aberdeen Research Report - Constant Website Disruptions Demand a New Kind of Performance Management

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www.aberdeen.com Constant Web Site Disruptions Demand a New Kind of Performance Management 2 There's a play by William Shakespeare called The Comedy of Errors. And looking at how often some businesses report that their websites are down or disrupted, one would be forgiven for thinking that the websites at these companies must look like some kind of slapstick comedy, with code, applications, and servers dropping like fall guys off of a ladder. But the truth is that many of these organizations aren't doing anything wrong. In fact, most are taking good advantage of time- tested tools and processes to ensure that their websites and servers are well optimized and, at least from everything in their control, designed to be high-performing and reliable. However, it's that last point, "everything in their control," which is proving to be the actual pratfall for these websites. That's because many of the issues that could be impacting website performance and reliability may exist somewhere on the internet, outside of what many consider their sphere of control. Somewhere on the internet, a path, node, or provider could be having an incident that's impacting your site's performance or making it unavailable for some users. And these impacts could be more widespread than many believe. In a recent Aberdeen Group survey into internet performance, a very high percentage of organizations report that their website suffers four or more disruptions a month, and 15% experience more than 10 a month. This level of downtime and disruption shouldn't be so widespread, or appear to be an acceptable amount of website issues. However, there is a new performance management path that businesses can take that is specifically designed to identify and avoid issues that occur on the internet. Called Internet Performance Management, it provides deep visibility into In our many years of covering performance management, we've seen that it is often the one area into which an organization lacks visibility that will be the cause of problems.

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