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Internet Visibility & Control is Critical to Your Cloud Success

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3 Research from Gartner Network Performance Monitoring Tools Leave Gaps in Cloud Monitoring to provide holistic monitoring in a cloud, or hybrid IT, environment. Recommendations • Uncover dangerous blind spots with an understanding of how present and future cloud deployments impact the flow of traffic in the network. • Deploy cloud-centric monitoring technologies alongside traditional NPMD technologies to fill the visibility gaps and shed light on the blind spots. Introduction While conventional wisdom says that moving to the cloud is a way for I&O leaders to get out of the self-monitoring mindset, in most cases, the exact opposite is true. Outages and performance degradations still occur, and I&O leaders are still looked at to resolve these problems, whether by Sanjit Ganguli Migration to the cloud, in its various forms, creates a fundamental shift in network traffic that traditional network performance monitoring tools fail to cover. I&O leaders must consider cloud-centric monitoring technologies to fill visibility gaps. Key Challenges • Migration to the cloud fundamentally changes the flow of network traffic in the enterprise, but most I&O leaders do not have a network monitoring strategy to deal with these new patterns of traffic. • I&O leaders are still ultimately responsible for the uptime and performance of cloud-hosted applications, even though performance degradations or outages may be beyond their control. • A majority of network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) tools have been unable Source: Gartner (May 2016) FIGURE 1 Monitoring Strategy for Hybrid IT

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