The Hybrid Cloud Odyssey

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THE HYBRID CLOUD ODYSSEY 2 etting forth towards a hybrid cloud strategy makes strong sense for your business: Build new services. Adapt to changing market forces. Preserve capital investments. All while leveraging the assets your already have. But the hybrid cloud odyssey is not without perils and challenges. As your organization's IT Hero, your quest is to carry your business safely through the three key stages of cloud transition: Planning, Migration and Optimization. Success depends on protecting business continuity and defending the customer experience at all times. Even well planned operations fail. A flexible but comprehensive migration process to monitor, measure, and test, makes good planning great. Change is the only constant. A er migration, long term success will depend on a method to monitor, measure and control your new hybrid architecture. Good planning stands between success and failure. For this complex transition, planning means thinking about architectures and approaches for your existing data center and your new cloud assets. S Introduction P l a n i n g O pt i m i za t i o n M i g ra t i o n PLANING OPTIMIZATION MIGRATION Internet Performance Management (IPM) — Seeing and managing the network paths that connect your customers and users to your online assets. Effective IPM makes online services faster, safer, more predictable, and more cost effective. Whether moving or expanding, IPM is a fundamental part of safeguarding your hybrid cloud investments. Without IPM, hybrid cloud migration and operations can fail. This ebook will help navigate the perils of internet volatility and provide an organized way to think about how IPM can make you an IT hero.

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