The Hybrid Cloud Odyssey

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THE HYBRID CLOUD ODYSSEY 5 Optimization nternally, you have performance management solutions to optimize networks, equipment, applications and services. Externally, you need the same level of attention for IPM solutions that will optimize connections, consistency and performance. I Summoning the Customer Experience Good connections can turn bad quickly. Optimizing the experience and keeping your customer connections alive requires keeping a close eye on all the connections from your key markets to your cloud assets. You must maintain control at all times and be able to adjust how users connect to those assets, especially when disaster strikes. With proper planning, tested architectures, and vigilant monitoring, you can maintain good internet performance and make certain of a superior customer experience. Forging the Flexible Partnerships Managing one cloud or CDN integration is challenging enough. Using multiple CDNs can appear increasingly difficult. It's vital to set up a policy-driven architecture that will let you access the right mix of vendors/sites, and select the right asset for the right job. When your organization embraces the power to select and adjust your cloud partner mix — based on markets and users needs — your journey to hybrid cloud success will be near its conclusion. Your partners are there to optimize your online business and your digital experience.

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