The #1 Question You Should Ask Any DNS Provider

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dyn.com @dyn page 2 Ebook: The #1 Question You Should Ask Any Potential DNS Vendor Introduction The DNS is an often-overlooked protocol. Historically, many companies believed they could either run their own DNS service in-house or simply use a bundled option provided by their hosting or CDN provider. However, with the rise in DDoS attacks and continued migration to the cloud, the mission-critical nature of the DNS has become quite apparent to companies around the world. As a result, many are searching for a managed DNS provider. At the first glance, many of these competitors seem similar, but there is one question every prospective DNS buyer should ask of a vendor: did you build and do you operate your own network? The way they answer that question should influence how you react to the rest of their pitch. If they say no, then they are simply providing you with theory -- solutions they hope will work. If they say yes, and, just like you, they did build and now operate their own network, then what follows are recommendations and best practices based on first hand experience running a DNS network that's trusted by the world's most-admired digital brands. Like many vendors, Oracle + Dyn often talks about the impact the internet has on a company's network, and we provide tips and tricks on how to improve performance. We are qualified to make these suggestions because we run a massive network, which gives us great insight that we can share with our customers. In this Ebook, we'll look at three specific areas (at right), that we have found crucial to building and operating a network. This guide will explain: How we build a world class network How we continually improve network operations What we do when the unexpected happens (Note: this is a human problem, not a technical one)

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