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Technical Overview: Email Delivery

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@dyn page 3 The Lifecycle Of An Email With Oracle Dyn Email Delivery One way to better understand how Oracle Dyn Email Delivery works is to follow the lifecycle of an email: Origin and Handoff – An email and the content within the email is created in your email template/management system, marketing automation solution, or other application, and handed off to Oracle Dyn for the remainder of the delivery process. You can choose to deliver over SMTP or integrate directly into your application using Oracle Dyn's API. Message Reception – Once your email is received by Oracle Dyn Email Delivery, it is then logged and processed based on user account settings, allowing for reporting options such as opens, clicks, list-unsubscribes, and customized tagging features. ISP Delivery and Queue Management – When the email is ready for delivery, Oracle Dyn routes the message to a specific outgoing IP address pool. These pools all have more than one IP address, and each IP address has separate, parallel queues for each mailbox provider. Queues for each mailbox provider are delivered to the destination mailbox based on custom configurations managed by Oracle Dyn's deliverability team. This is a real advantage over internally managed/ on-premises options as, over time, Oracle Dyn has been able to optimize configurations for a vast number of receiving domains. Deferrals and Retries – Sometimes, mailbox providers defer or block messages through special SMTP messages. Depending on the exact contents of these messages, Dyn's servers retry sending the messages at various intervals or roll over the messages to another IP within the same pool. This helps ensure that messages with valid recipients reach their end mailbox. Technical Brief | Oracle Dyn Email Delivery

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