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Technical Overview: Email Delivery

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@dyn page 9 Onboarding Process Getting up to speed with Oracle Dyn Email Delivery is easy and safe with our onboarding process, powered by our professional services and deliverability teams. This process includes: Customized Ramp-Up Schedules – These are provided to slowly transition an existing mail stream to our platform. Even though we provide customers with warm IP addresses and have an excellent sending reputation, it is a best practice to transition to Oracle Dyn in a measured approach to ensure that mailbox providers receive and process email from the new sending IPs. Customized IP Pool Strategies – These are considered and discussed with customers, so that email is routed through either dedicated IPs or a shared IP pool space with similar email senders. Want to Talk More? Does this sound like a lot of work? Unsure of how to hit all the right checkboxes and keep your email revenue flowing? Our experts are here to help! Schedule a consultative call at Technical Brief | Oracle Dyn Email Delivery

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