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dyn.com @dyn page 2 Your Master List of Key DNS Terms As more users and more online services (sites, microservices, connected "things," etc.) join the global internet, the scale, complexity and volatility of that internet are also on the rise. Modern DNS is reemerging as a powerful tool for commercial internet infrastructure that puts control back in the hands of IT leaders. The foundation of the Domain Name System or DNS, a distributed internet database that maps human-readable names to IP addresses, allows people to reach the correct online service (website, application, etc.) when entering URL. For example, the domain name dyn.com translates to the IP address of Because DNS is the first step in the process of reaching online assets, it also provides an ideal "location" in the network to make decisions about where to send certain traffic. This is particularly useful as more organizations adopt cloud or use CDNs to optimize content delivery, spawning hybrid environments. DNS, particularly when coupled with intelligence about those destination endpoints and the network path between them, can help get the right user to the right asset, improving performance, reachability of those assets, and security posture. Dyn has been in the managed DNS business for over 10 years (and pioneered Dynamic DNS before that), so the DNS terms in this guide are commonly heard around the proverbial water coolers at Dyn, but we realize they can be a bit arcane despite the importance of DNS. That's why we've assembled this DNS Terminology Guide as your reference. We hope you'll find it helpful. Table of Contents A Record — Auth code Authoritative Nameserver — DDoS DDNS — Endpoint GSLB — Primary DNS PTR Records — Traceroute Traffic Director – Zone 3 3 4 5 6 6

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