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Technical Overview - Dyn Traffic Director

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Page 1 of 5 @dyn page 2 Product Overview: Dyn Trafc Director uilt on Oracle Dyn loal infratructure Trafc Director i te to coice for diital uinee tat want full control over teir we trafc and te ot out of teir data center enurin an ecetional eerience for end uer trouout te world Why Is Trafc Director Important for Businesses that Live Online? Trafc Director i eential for any oraniation tat deend on teir weite for uine continuity weter it i enain wit roect cutoer uer or eer eite availaility and erforance ave a direct effect on revenue cot and cutoer atifaction Trafc Director cale to addre te need of oraniation wit a national or loal reence n eiter cae te aility to relialy route your trafc to te et data center on your networ rovide a fater ore enain uer eerience Trafc Director i a anaed D olution tat enale coanie to ditriute teir we trafc acro data center content delivery networ D and oter cloud ervice Proerly routin ti trafc can reult in inicant erforance iroveent and rotection aaint outae at any endoint utoatically reroute trafc fro a failed end oint to a worin one

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