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Technical Overview - Dyn Traffic Director

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@dyn page 3 Product Overview | Dyn Trafc Director Delivery What Comprises Trafc Director? Trafc Director i ade u of tree advanced D feature ctive ailover atio oad alancin and eolocation oad alancin Active Failover ore tan ut anaed D ctive ailover enure tat your ite ervice or alication i alway availale in te event tat tere i a role at one of your data center or cloud rovider Plain and ile ctive ailover i aout utie en an outae i detected your trafc i autoatically rerouted to a reconured alternate endoint lie a data center content delivery networ D or cloud rovider Te oiility of ite downtie i dratically reduced and recovery tie i fater Tere are no anual cane to ae and you dont ave to detect te role rt it ctive ailover everytin i autoated leavin you to addre iue in te acround wile your ite reain availale oanie can cooe fro tree oint of reence location in wic to onitor eac of teir endoint en an outae i detected trafc i autoatically routed to a redened alternative location enurin all trafc arrive at a ealty endoint Ratio Load Balancing atio oad alancin rovide te aility to ditriute your trafc acro variou endoint in order to enure a afe oeratin environent irove availaility and increae weite erforance y routin your trafc away fro a data center durin ceduled aintenance eriod you enure no trafc arrive at ti location Ti enale you to erfor te aintenance afely wile trafc i ealely routed to oter data center or cloud rovider Ditriute trafc acro ultile endoint

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