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Technical Overview - Dyn Traffic Director

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@dyn page 5 Product Overview | Dyn Trafc Director Delivery Additional Benets and Features Geolocation focused specically on Internet Infrastructure Oracle Dyn uniue vantae oint rovide u wit over illion data oint aout internet route and we trafc every day Ti data coined wit internet intellience derived trou ten year of analyi a enaled u to uild te rt eolocation a ecic to D infratructure tat route internet trafc wit te et accuracy in te indutry Low latency around the world Our anycat networ i ade u of Point of Preence POP and deined to enure very low latency on any D loou enalin Trafc Director to return reone aed on loal eolocation data for te lowet latency oile Industry-leading expertise & support Oracle Dyn ac Trafc Director wit unaralleled D doain eertie etree yte calaility and cutoer uort e tay current wit te latet D tecnoloy DDo itiation Pv D etc o you dont ave to Our cutoer ervice tea i alway availale to el via one eail or online Cloud-based technology Delivered a a ervice Trafc Director anae all aect of your D witout your avin to uy ardware intall oftware or ire ore T taff

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