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Oracle Dyn Case Study: Gold-i

Learn how Dyn helps customers improve their Internet performance with Managed DNS, Email Delivery, and Internet Intelligence products.

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@dyn page 2 Case Study | Gold-i Copyright © 2017, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reaserved. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 1038 Oracle Dyn is global business unit (GBU) focused on critical cloud infrastructure. Dyn is a pioneer in DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet. Dyn's solution is powered by a global network that drives 40 billion traffic optimization decisions daily for more than 3,500 enterprise customers, including preeminent digital brands such as Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn and CNBC. extend the Oracle cloud computing platform and provides enterprise customers with a one-stop shop for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). "With 20 different products available today and more in development, Gold-i needed a partner we could rely on when it came to meeting our availability requirements," remarked Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i. "In our business we can't afford downtime, as that would cause revenue loss for our customers." Active Failover at Work "One hundred percent of our customers reach us via the internet. Our business is highly dependent on uninterrupted internet access in order to serve our customers," noted Higgins. "It's just not acceptable for us not to know that our website is unreachable—until our customers tell us." Now, with DNS Active Failover, Gold-i are able to direct traffic to their primary ISP and in the event of a failure, have traffic automatically redirected to their secondary provider. Monitoring is configured to carry out a health check as frequently as every minute and Gold-i receive automatic notification of any internet failure. Once a connectivity failure has been resolved, Gold-i can choose to manually or automatically switch back to the primary provider. This increased availability helped improve quality of service, customer satisfaction, and confidence. It also increased productivity as Gold- i's development team can continue to work effectively and without interruption. Gold-i recently experienced a failure of their primary ISP, and customer access was automatically switched to their backup ISP. "I received the alert concerning the ISP failure early in the morning as I was brushing my teeth. At the same time, I saw a notification that the failover had automatically taken place," said Higgins. "I didn't even need to stop brushing my teeth!" Working with Oracle Dyn gave Gold-i greater confidence in their internet connectivity and their ability to failover seamlessly. Thanks to the DNS Active Failover service, Gold-i's B2B trading platform achieved the desired uptime goals, leading to greater customer satisfaction across their brokerage clients. "The Oracle Dyn platform is unbelievably intuitive, simple to set up and easy to use. I couldn't believe that we didn't even need to open the manual in order to configure it" – Tom Higgins CEO

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