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Executive Summary: Secondary and Multiple DNS

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SECONDARY/MULTIPLE DNS PATTERNS 1| Traditional Primary-Secondary Option The existing DNS implementation acts as the primary service from a DNS records management perspective. Once configured, the primary service automatically updates the secondary service using the standard DNS NOTIFY mechanism. Secondary DNS service receives updates via standard IXFR or AXFR. Both respond to DNS queries. Users Primary Secondary Manages the zone, gives updates Only receives updates from primary Breaking News Recursives Executive Summary DNS speed and reliability are fundamental to the performance of your website and essential to your business. And you can improve the performance, security and reliability of your DNS infrastructure by adding a supplemental DNS service to your IT environment. Multiple DNS Patterns Traditional Primary-Secondary Hidden Master Secondary Primary-Primary Description One DNS service acts as the master from a records management perspective; the second receives a copy. Both in delegation to serve traffic. Existing DNS service acts as the master and is deployed behind your firewall; only the secondary is in delegation to serve traffic. Both services manage DNS records and are in delegation to receive traffic. Advantage Easy to deploy; Two vendors in delegation to serve traffic Added security; the DNS service behind the firewall does not receive any traffic Supports advanced service features; able to update records in event of a DNS service failure Where are DNS record changes made? Existing/primary DNS service Existing/primary DNS service Both services Pros Cons Use Case Easy to deploy. Increased redundancy with multivendor strategy. You cannot take advantage of advanced features (end-user traffic steering and load balancing). If the primary service suffers an outage, ability to update records is lost. If the primary service is internal, your edge is still exposed to attack and contributes to poor global performance. Already have a managed DNS solution and want to add resiliency. 150 Dow Street, Manchester, NH 03101 USA @dyn 603 668 4998 150 Dow Street, Manchester, NH 03101 USA @dyn 603 668 4998

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