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Executive Summary: Managed DNS

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MANAGED DNS How Do You Select a DNS Provider? Executive Summary Managed DNS not only provides the reliability, performance, and flexibility to connect users with websites, applications, and services at unmatched speeds, it also shapes online traffic to deliver an exceptional user experience for today's digital business. This document provides an executive summary of the considerations and benefits of using Dyn's Managed DNS solution. Challenges Corporate websites and online services are crucial elements of revenue acquisition, branding, and day-to-day operations for today's digital business. It is essential for companies to stay on top of ever-evolving technical challenges to ensure that their online gateways are high performing and always available for visitors from all parts of the world. With increasing security risks such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and the need to maintain internet infrastructure without a moment of downtime, it's easy to understand why IT professionals with the highest standards for performance, security, and maintainability rely on Dyn's Managed DNS to ensure their network runs smoothly. Access Security Performance 150 Dow Street, Manchester, NH 03101 USA @dyn 603 668 4998 150 Dow Street, Manchester, NH 03101 USA @dyn 603 668 4998 A global user base demands a global DNS solution to ensure that there is always a reachable option. Default DNS implementations are susceptible to increasingly sophisticated DoS/DDoS attacks, which can overwhelm or incapacitate nameservers. Although proximity does not always mean better performance, basic physics proves that distance adds latency. Repeated DNS lookups that travel the globe will add significant latency to your services.

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