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Solution Brief: Email Delivery for the Entertainment Industry

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@dyn page 3 Solution Brief | Oracle Dyn Email Delivery for Entertainent Transactional emails are "one-to-one" and based on an activity, containing information that a customer is looking to confirm that transaction. That's why they have a much-higher open rate than bulk/ marketing email, as much as 8x according to Experian. 1 It's important to ensure those emails are getting to their intended destination with a trusted provider like Oracle Dyn Email Delivery. Delayed or non-delivered email can result in increased calls to customer service departments, taking away from other tasks for something that should run like clockwork. For those using on-premises solutions, sending through Dyn Email Delivery removes the burden of security patches, software upgrades, major mailbox provider whitelisting and communication—and everything else that comes with running an email platform. We handle all of that for you, so all you need to do is send highly engaged transactional email. With either shared or dedicated IPs available and a team with decades of experience, you can trust Oracle Dyn Email Delivery with the sending and delivery of your company's transactional email. Feature Highlights Easy Integration • Easy setup of authentication (SPF, DKIM) • Send via SMTP or API • Send via dedicated or shared IP pools • Set up a custom domain for click tracking • Set up custom returnpaths (dedicated IPs only) 1 Experian Marketing Services, "The transactional email report," 2010 Deliverability • Send on one of the cleanest networks in the industry • Get industry-leading expertise and support • Scalable as your transactional email needs grow • Reputation Management consulting service add-on available Analytics (reports) • RESTful API – Sent, Delivered, Bounces, Complaints, Blocked, Opens, Clicks, and other Issues • Postback (Webhook) Service – Bounces, Complaints, List-Unsubscribe • Access to full bounce headers • X-header tagging • Subaccount management Support • Onboarding support • Ongoing technical support via email • Customized ramp schedules available We help our customers reduce their email delivery costs, improve their sending and IP reputation, and achieve great inbox placement—and we do this for organizations that may be sending billions of emails every month. Oracle Dyn Email Delivery customers leave the cost and complexity of running and managing email delivery systems up to us, allowing them to focus on the success of their digital business.

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