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Solution Brief: Web Application Firewall

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@dyn page 14 Oracle Dyn Web Application Firewall @dyn page 14 Solution Brief | Oracle Dyn Web Application Protection Choosing a Better WAF Solution • Cloud-based web application firewall, always-on, enterprise class, • PCI DSS certified • Allows and manages good bots: type, time of day, origin • Fully managed 24/7 security service • High performance, optimized, and agnostic to multiple CDN strategy • OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS, CAPEC, and WASCTC prebuilt rulesets • Granular access control, Geo-blocking, URL blocking • Raw log access and SIEM connectors to major SIEM providers • Easily integrates with Oracle Dyn DDoS Protection • Real-time threat intelligence monitoring using global threat databases • Hard block/silent deny, serve alternate content, serve alternate origin, serve cached content, etc. • Full portal, security dashboard with granular control, searchable UI, reports by IP address, etc. Questions about WAF? Learn more at

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