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Solution Brief: Web Application Firewall

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@dyn page 3 Oracle Dyn Web Application Firewall Oracle Dyn WAF: Cloud-Based Globally Distributed Network Well-intended security controls often end up becoming an enterprise security choke point when cyberattackers can make use of global networks and continuously change their threat locations. Eventually, cybercriminals overwhelm or breach an organization's perimeter-only defenses. A global security platform is needed to extend enterprises' defenses. Organizations must embrace globally scalable and distributed solutions as a starting point to thwart attacks. The Oracle Dyn Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a highly distributed, cloud-based security platform as a service (PaaS), designed to address today's web application challenges. Bot Management, API Security, and Malware Protection are options that can be added to the WAF for increased security. The Oracle Dyn WAF provides: Scalable workload resources with on-demand threat detection. No longer are enterprises limited to the computing power of the security solutions installed as perimeter hardware devices in their data centers. Oracle Dyn offers the ability to scale, using cloud resources dynamically to maximize resource effectiveness, while keeping costs in check. High availability for applications through automated DNS routing. Oracle Dyn employs an intelligent DNS data-driven algorithm that determines the best global point of presence (POP) to serve a given user in real time. As a result, users are routed around global network issues and potential latency while enjoying the best possible uptime and service levels. Real-time updates. Oracle Dyn is constantly delivering improvements and new security features, making them available to all clients through a robust and rapid deployment process. Shared, global threat intelligence. Oracle Dyn provides the ability to share the latest attack information and mitigation techniques across departments, partners, and an organization's supply chain. Oracle Dyn allows a common set of web application security policies for all partners that are linked to the ecosystem. How Oracle Dyn WAF Works The Oracle Dyn network architecture creates a protective shield around your security perimeters, adding a critical layer of web application and IP protection. All traffic flows through the Oracle Dyn network prior to arriving at the origin server. Traffic is directed to the nearest Oracle Dyn POP by means of data-driven DNS. The lowest-latency POP is chosen on a query-by-query basis to create a performance-optimized application delivery network. Data Sovereignty Oracle Dyn has specifically provisioned its POPs in data-sensitive jurisdictions (for example, in Canada and in Europe). When sites are just serving between nodes within the jurisdictions, only those POPs are involved. This approach supports clients who need to comply with local data residency and data sovereignty regulations. If desired, applications can be deployed across the entire set of Oracle Dyn global POPs, providing global coverage as required. Deployments are flexible and configurable, capable of meeting complex data sovereignty restrictions or global presence requirements. The configuration best suiting a client's needs is determined during the onboarding process.

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