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Solution Brief: Bot Manager

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@dyn page 4 Solution Brief | Oracle Dyn Bot Manager Bot Detection Methods Oracle Dyn Bot Manager is part of our cloud-based, managed cybersecurity suite and is seamlessly integrated with our Web Application Firewall, DDoS, API Security, and Malware Protection offerings. • JavaScript Challenge is a challenge that is sent as a response to every incoming request. Legitimate requests will transparently pass the challenge. Bots, on the other hand, will be blocked, since they are not generally equipped with JavaScript. • Human Interaction Challenge distinguishes between nonhuman and normal human usage patterns for web applications. This ability to differentiate is based on analysis of how legitimate website visitors behave. The challenge also provides security postures for bots that can be customized when they don't conform to standard usage behavior, activity, or frequency. • Good Bot Whitelisting has a predefined list of known legitimate bot providers (example: Googlebot) that users can enable to bypass bot checks. • CAPTCHA is a challenge that can be enabled for any portion of the web application to differentiate between computers and humans. In general, scripted bots are unable to solve the CAPTCHA, whereas humans can. • IP Rate Limiting allows users to set traffic request thresholds tied to a single IP. This type of traffic control mechanism provides flexibility and customization to delay or drop automated high request traffic created by bots. • Device Fingerprinting generates a hashed signature of both virtual and real browsers based on 50-plus attributes. These proprietary signatures are then employed for real-time correlation to identify and block malicious bots.

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