Rethink Who is Behind your DNS

There shouldn’t be a mystery as to who is supporting your infrastructure. At Oracle Dyn we take pride in how we operate your DNS with customization, humanity and a passion for your success.

I know what you are thinking…aren’t all DNS providers a dime a dozen? Don’t they all offer resources, support and easy implementation? Unfortunately, no. In fact many solution providers operate via a ticketing system that can take days to receive an automated-response. As a world-leading DNS provider, we invite you to join us for this ondemand webinar that highlights real use-cases on how our unique team of technical resources can support you and your bottom line. We cover how you can:

  • Save time and resources with our hands-on implementation and white glove onboarding
  • Get expert advice on all support tickets and customized solutions when you need them
  • Get complimentary training for your staff so you feel as comfortable with running our solution as we do
  • Receive proactive health checks including a custom 2 page report and recommendations on how you can get the most of your existing service

Aside from our unmatched performance and reliability, you now have an extension of your technical staff with Oracle Dyn.

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