Combine the Power of WAF and DNS for Enhanced Infrastructure Security and Efficiency

In the world of cloud-based managed services, you have a number of options to deploy and strengthen your infrastructure whether that be for security, reliability, compliance or performance. For many organizations, selecting a cloud-based managed DNS provider has proven a successful first step in achieving these goals. In this webinar, we want to show you the next advancement in optimizing your network edge and how an intelligent edge can keep you one step ahead of the advancing attack vectors and diminishing site performance.

This in-depth webinar discusses the benefits of combining managed DNS with a cloud-based WAF. You will learn:

• The evolution of DDoS attacks and how to protect your infrastructure at the application and network level

• The advancement of geo blocking and the new granularity and use cases available at the user-level

• Why most of your web traffic isn’t human, advanced bot detection techniques and how to protect your most valuable assets: IP, data, PII, etc.

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