Unlock the Secrets of Intelligent Traffic Response in a Hybrid Architecture

By 2020, Forrester Research estimates that businesses will be investing upwards to $230B in cloud* and most of these companies will be merging these cloud investments into hybrid infrastructure architectures across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.  To truly benefit from your hybrid deployment, you need a strategic approach getting users from the edge to the right asset.

This On-Demand webinar featuring Forrester Research and Dyn will unlock the secrets of intelligent response in a hybrid environment. You will learn:

  • How DNS can act as a "federated traffic manager" for decisioning in your hybrid architecture;
  • How infrastructure criteria such as availability, performance, security, cost and compliance can be driven from an intelligent, data-driven DNS service; and 
  • How DNS offers multiple configurations can prepare and support your hybrid future.

*Source: https://www.forrester.com/Public+Cloud+Market+Will+Grow+To+236+Billion+In+2020/-/E-PRE9446

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