Internet Resiliency: The Future Is Now [Hosted by IDG]

December 2, 2016

Recent events have made clear with internet infrastructure experts have known for years, the scale, complexity, and (especially) volatility of the internet is on the rise. From headline-making DDoS attacks directed from infected IOT botnets, to less well-publicized route leaks and hijacks, network engineers may need to rethink infrastructure they once took for granted. There's no better place to start than with DNS.

As enterprises migrate infrastructure and services to the cloud and increase reliance on public internet for internal and external connectivity, DNS's role has expanded. Analyst research firms such as Gartner states, “If your DNS fails, so does your digital business.”

Join Network World’s Chief Content Editor John Gallant as he discusses:
The forces behind a more complex and volatile internet
Lessons learned from recent internet events
Strategies for high-availability at the DNS layer

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